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Building Solutions

Websites, Apps, & Code
Whether you need a new website or to overhaul an existing one, our team of developers can bring their expertise to deliver a solution on-time, on-scope and on-budget.

Your home or business needs to build your WiFi & network to stand up to the pressure of all your connected devices and today's cybersecurity threats.

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For all the "Uh-Oh" Moments

Repair Services

What do you do when your technology goes sideways? We can help you navigate the way back to better than normal.

If you have a computer, mobile device, tablet or something else in need of repair, we'll come up with a solution to the problem.

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Worried about Privacy & Security

We are too. Let us help you.

If you've ever said something, and then start to see ads related to your conversation, you need to do a privacy checkup.

We focus on how to get you back in control of your digital life. We also focus on "digital survivorship" – planning for the "what if" scenarios in life.


Other Services

What else can we do for you?

Data Analysis and Dashboards

Do you have a set of information that you want to do some data science with? We can help.

Phone Services

Are you considering a move to a new phone system or VOIP? We offer VOIP phone service and support to keep your business up & running, including porting your number and fax service.

Got A New Phone?

Don't want to wait for hours at the cell store to get your phone transferred? Trust us to migrate you to your new device and skip the wait.

Private Email

Tired of Google or Yahoo reading all your emails? We can move you to a private email with your own address.


Want to preserve or convert film to a digital? Need an event or commercial filmed? We can help.

Private Password Vault

Tired of all the passwords? We can help you rein in the chaos and simplify and secure how you access all those accounts, keeping the bad guys out.

Ready for some help or advice?

Remote Support

Download the program for your computer below. Run it and we'll get you connected and back up and running.

Get in touch with us below or call us at Call Us 361-594-6250. Our team responds to most emails with 24 hours.

About Top-Hat Tech

Top-Hat Tech

Founded in 2018 by Brian Langhoff, Top-Hat Tech has served clients all over the United States with IT projects of all sizes and budgets.
We focus on providing our clients with cost-effective solutions that exceed their expectations.